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Increase your revenue in MT points in NBA2K18

From offical NBA2K MyTeam TwitterYou unwrap your newest copy of NBA2K18 and decide to start the MyTeam mode in order start collecting cards and participating in the new Super-Max mode. The newest general manager on My Team, you try your hand in the Super-Max mode and keep getting obliterated by other players/general managers who have sapphire James Harden and Kevin Durant cards. Enough is enough, you decide to head to the auction house to buy top cards for your team for yourself, but then realize you’re strapped for capital and don’t have enough MT to buy the more top tier cards.  Well I’m here to give your team an injection of capital with these top tips on how to increase the revenue of MT points.

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Dollars Per Win ratio for the NBA 2017-2018 season

In the investment world, financial ratios are used to determine if you’re paying to much for business or stock. To name a few there’s the quick ratio, debt to equity ratio and price to earning ratio. When calculated, these ratios show a number that may fall within a set range depending on the industry and the company’s peers. Investors and owners then use these numbers as metrics to gauge the business’s worth and health. Lets use the same framework and apply it the NBA, we call this Dollars Per Win.

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