Deadbeat Jeets is the worse owner since Jeffrey Loria


DeadBeat Jeets. A nickname thats gaining some popularity with in the Miami Marlins fan base. I recently wrote a blog post on why Derek Jeter would have a rough start at the beginning of his tenure as an owner of the Marlins, that  can be found here here. However, what I did not foresee at the time of writing my blog post was Jeter’s inept management skills.  In his early career of being an owning partner of a professional team, he has already had some mismanagement events that already has already made a lot of the fans raise an eyebrow.  Here are Jeter’s highlights as an owner so far.

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NBA2K18 MyTeam Market Wednesday – 10/11/2017

From offical NBA2K MyTeam TwitterEvery week, we will release the values of select cards and compare them from the previous week. Our goal with this is to present the NBA2K community with transparency in card values on the open market within the auction house. If you have any cards you wish to track , drop us a post in the comment section. Cards will be added and removed by the feedback of the community.

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NBA2K18 MyTeam Market Wednesday – 10/4/2017

From offical NBA2K MyTeam TwitterWith NBA2K18 being almost a month old, we take a look at the card values on the MyTeam mode.  Every week, we will release the values of select cards and compare them from the previous week. Our goal with this is to present the NBA2K community with transparency in card values on the open market within the auction house. If you have any cards you wish to track , drop us a post in the comment section. Cards will be added and removed by the feedback of the community.

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Increase your revenue in MT points in NBA2K18

From offical NBA2K MyTeam TwitterYou unwrap your newest copy of NBA2K18 and decide to start the MyTeam mode in order start collecting cards and participating in the new Super-Max mode. The newest general manager on My Team, you try your hand in the Super-Max mode and keep getting obliterated by other players/general managers who have sapphire James Harden and Kevin Durant cards. Enough is enough, you decide to head to the auction house to buy top cards for your team for yourself, but then realize you’re strapped for capital and don’t have enough MT to buy the more top tier cards.  Well I’m here to give your team an injection of capital with these top tips on how to increase the revenue of MT points.

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Why the Miami Marlins will start of shaky after the Derek Jeter deal.

Picture this, you are selling your private practice and have lined up potential suitors who are willing to buy it.  One potential buyer lives in the neighborhood so is familiar with the surrounding area, has a great network of local vendors and other business owners.  They also have the money available now and have agreed upon the cost of the sale.  Another potential investor is not from the area, does not have any major business experience and does not have the available cash to purchase the company and would need to gather funding from other people.  The best choice would be to sell the company to the first investor, right? Not if the second investor is named Derek Jeter. Continue reading

Dollars Per Win ratio for the NBA 2017-2018 season

In the investment world, financial ratios are used to determine if you’re paying to much for business or stock. To name a few there’s the quick ratio, debt to equity ratio and price to earning ratio. When calculated, these ratios show a number that may fall within a set range depending on the industry and the company’s peers. Investors and owners then use these numbers as metrics to gauge the business’s worth and health. Lets use the same framework and apply it the NBA, we call this Dollars Per Win.

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Start of a new season – Introduction

First off, thanks for visiting  Dollars Per Win is a new blog that will focus on the relationship of money and sports.  Here you fill find my own analysis on team’s payroll (dollars) in relationship (per) to their success (win), momentary breakdowns of sports transaction and paid to play fantasy guides and walkthroughs of franchise/my team sports games.

Rookie Interview:

Who am I? I’m a 28 year old guy who has a love for sports especially anything to do with South Florida sports – my favorite teams are the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins and Miami Marlins.  My favorite sport is basketball, although I’m pretty horrible at it.  I went to college for International Business and for the last few years have found a new interest investing and finance.

Who I am not?  I am not a financial analyst or have any formal training.  I am not rich and I am not a cap salary genius.  I am not a professional sports writer.I am not a bandwagon fan (although, the Golden State Warriors are starting to grow on me).

Why I am doing this blog? I love sports and have an interest in investing and economics.  What other way to put them together than this?  Additionally, this will help prepare for a goal I have – owning a sports team.  Haha, before you dismiss me like a Dikembe Mutombo block shot, let me explain.

You remember how I told you I wasn’t rich earlier? Well, that’s the truth, I am not.  So I can’t afford to buy the Miami Heat from Micky Arison yet but I can start small.  The plan is to start a few pro-am or amateur teams, manage the finances and install the right staff to make them contenders.  In due time, the teams will have enough capital to enter the next level of competition that offers more revenue opportunities (example, Division 4 soccer to Division 3 soccer). As time goes on the value of the teams will grow based our winnings and sound finance decisions.  Eventually at a certain point, I will start another pro-am/amateur organization and rinse and repeat and so forth.  By continuing this process and with the help of other investments, my goal is to accumulate enough capital (or valued teams/assets that I can sell) to purchase a minority stake in a major league team and potentially using the minority stake to get my foot in the door to become the majority owner.

So you’re thinking that sounds good and all, but if you’re not rich, how can you start a pro-am/amateur team?

Good question, I too had the same reservations, but after doing some research, it turns out you can start a team in the National Premier Soccer League (NPSL) for less than $100K.  The NPSL is known as the unofficial Division 4 of soccer in the USA.  To put it into perspective, you can start a pro-am/amateur team for soccer for less than the cost of buying a house.  With that being said, its up to you to make it profitable and contend for a title.

(To bring it all home, all 4 divisions of professional soccer compete for qualifications in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup.  Obviously, the MLS teams qualify for more advanced spots in the tournament and receive byes throughout the first set of rounds of the cup, but it is possible for a NPSL team to qualify for the cup, beat other pro-am/amateur teams, play vs MLS teams (on nationally TV) and beat them and win the entire cup. The club will win, $250,000 a result and qualify for the CONCAF Champions League where they will play clubs from North America, Central America and the Caribbean.  Now its not likely that a pro-am/amateur club will ever beat a professional club, but if the NPSL team actually won the Lamar Hunt U.S. cup, you would receive a $250,000 prize for first place, for an investment of less than $100K.)

So how will this blog help you become the next Paul Allen?

Answer: Training Camp

Training Camp

In order to reach my goals I have to start thinking like an owner and general manager.  I have to look at cash flows, cap space, revenues and expenses.  Best way I believe to learn something is to get your hands dirty.  As a result, here is my action plan:

1. Focus on sports simulation games that offer franchise /customized teams. –   Did I mention I was a gamer?  Admittedly, this idea sounds crazy but bare with me.  Today’s games offer the most realism when it comes to franchises then ever before.  These games let you run a team and focus on all aspects of your organization from player contracts to revenue sharing.  I will take you with me on a journey of a fictional team I create and explain each major signing, firing and other transactions in order to stay profitable while contending for a title.  The analysis will be in depth and take you through the role of a GM.

2. Analyze the deals and contracts of sports  – Deals, trades, signings and firings happen almost on a daily basis in sports.  I will attempt to analyze some of these transaction to tee exactly what the team is actually buying (or losing) and try to explain the value or expense of these deals.

3. Put my general manager skills to work with real money – Draftkings and FanDuels are pay to play fantasy platforms that enable users to use real money to compete to win cash prices in their leagues depending on their performance.  With real money at stake, I will attempt to put what I’ve learned into actual money games to see how I fair.  since I am not rich (see a pattern forming?) admittedly, this will be more of a secondary or bonus feature on this blog.

Season Opener:

So now that you know my plan of action and a little about me, its your time to share.  Connect with me on social media and never miss a beat.





Admittedly, my favorite sport is basketball so you see a lot of NBA stuff on this blog.  But that’s not to say I won’t cover things in other sports.  With that being said, I’ll have reviews on sports games and really get in depth with the franchise and create your own team modes.

Tell me what you’re interested ins eeing and about the feel of th eblog.  I’m interested in your comments.  Be sure to check abck often for insights, streaming and specially more posts.

Let the season begin.

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