Bradley Beal, not Wall is the prize player that NBA teams should be trading for.

Washington Wizards

Washington Wizards – courtesy

The Washington Wizards have been getting a lot of attention recently and their players are all on the trading bloc.  But John Wall should not be considered the prized target for potential suitors.

With a losing record, the Washington Wizards have been underachieving for what seems like years.  Stars like John Wall, Bradley Beal, and veteran Dwight Howard have not been able to steer the team in contention.   News is coming out of Washington DC that due to frequent in-house quarrels, the Wizards have placed all their players on the market.  That means John Wall, Bradley Beal and company are all potential targets for new teams.

Bradley Beal breaks through the Wall

John Wall is the best player on the Washington Wizards, but Bradley Beal is the player that has more value.  Bradley Beal is averaging 18.8 PPG in his career while John Wall is averaging 19 PPG.  Additionally, Beal’s career 3P% is .390 while Wall’s is .326.  Beal also averages a free throw percentage of .792 for his career,  Wall averages .782.  Wall does average more assists per game for his career than Beal; 9.2 and 3.8 respectively.  Wall also averages more rebounds per game at 4.3 versus Beal’s 3.8.  Wall does average a lot more assists per game but that’s because he is the team’s point guard. The numbers don;t lie, Bradley Beal and John Wall’s stats are very similar.

More Beal for your buck

Bradley Beal’s and John Wall’s contract breaks down as such:

NBA SeasonBradley BealJohn Wall
2018-2019$25.43 million$19.16 million
2019-2020$27.9 million$38.15 million
2020-2021$28.75 million$41.20 million
2021-2022N/A$44.25 million
2022-2023N/A$47.30 million
Totals:$82.08 million$190.06 million

This year will be the only season that Beal will make more money than Wall in their current contracts. In the off season of 2017, Wall signed a $170 million contract extension. As a result, Wall’s contract will balloon to $38 million (an increase of $18.99 million) next year while Beal’s will only increase by $2.47 million.  Additionally, Wall has two more years on his contract than Beal does.  This means that team’s have the power to negotiate Beal’s contract to something team friendly or use him as a trade piece as an expiring contract.

Bradley Beal of the Washington Wizards – courtesy

Dollars Per Win picks Beal to be the top target from the Wizards

Not too long ago, I explained this year’s Dollars Per Win ratio (DPW) and the Wizards ranked 14th.  At the time of this post, the Wizards are projecting to only win 31 games.  That will decrease their DPW for the season to $4,247,422 which will rank them 29th in the league.  Currently constructed, the Wizards aren’t contending, so it would be wise to trade away valuable pieces to build for the future.  The most valuable piece they have is Beal, not Wall.  Not only is he younger than Wall, he also makes less money and has similar stats to John.  Since he is only signed through the 2021 season, he will become an expiring contract soon and be even more valuable. Additionally, his ceiling is higher than Wall’s. He has been playing second fiddle to Wall his entire career, what would happen if he becomes the number one option on a team? We have seen something similar to James Harden leaving the Thunder as he was the 3rd option on the team, now he is an MVP.  Because his contract is not overvalued and his potential is high, Bradley Beal should be the main target for teams engaging in a trade with the Wizards.

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