Did the Houston Rockets find value in Gerald Green?

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In an effort to find some additional scoring while James Harden recovers from a hamstring injury, the Houston Rockets have signed Gerald Green to a guarantee contract. We break down the numbers of the contract and see if there is any value to be had.

Gerald Green Stats

As of time of this article, Gerald Green is averaging 16.1 points per game, that’s 50th best in the league among eligible players. In comparison, his career average is 9 points per game.  Additionally, Green is shooting threes at a pace of 44%, good for top 8 in the league among eligible players.   His free throw and field goal percentage is 88% and 45% respectively.  Green is also averaging 27 minutes per game, 7th highest on the team, only four minutes behind Chris Paul.

The Contract

The Rockets will be paying Green a salary of only $872,854 for the remainder of the season. In comparison, the average salary in the NBA this season is $6 million. Once the contract expires, the Rockets can either offer him a new contract, or part ways with the veteran. This is important to note because the Rockets will still remain flexible in their future plans.  Additionally, if Green does not receive a contract offer at the conclusion of the season, he will become a free agent and would be able to sign with any team that requests his service.

Value Machine

Based on his stats, and contract, the Rockets will be receiving value from his contract.  If he continues this level of output, he may have an argument for the best signing this year in the NBA. We will see how his production is affected once James Harden returns, but for the time being Rockets found a value investment in Gerald Green.

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