NBA2K18 MyTeam Market Wednesday – 10/4/2017

From offical NBA2K MyTeam TwitterWith NBA2K18 being almost a month old, we take a look at the card values on the MyTeam mode.  Every week, we will release the values of select cards and compare them from the previous week. Our goal with this is to present the NBA2K community with transparency in card values on the open market within the auction house. If you have any cards you wish to track , drop us a post in the comment section. Cards will be added and removed by the feedback of the community.

Things to consider:

  • The average card price in the market was taken from the PS4, which means the value of the cards for the other consoles or systems may differ.
  • The “buy it now” price was used in the valuation of the average MT price, not the current big.
  • The MT value was calculated by taking the total sum of the first eight cards and dividing by eight.  For the cards that did not have a “buy it now” price, they were not added to the calculation.
  • Card MT values were taken in between the Sunday and Monday of the week.

Click below to download the full data set.

Card Values

Here are the highlights for Wednesday 10/4/2017:

Top three most expensive emerald cards of MT:

  • Ray Allen (Bucks) – 24,325 MT
  • Paul Pierce (Wizards) – 15,513 MT
  • Karl Anthony Towns – 10,736 MT

Top three most expensive sapphire cards in terms of MT:

  • Kevin Durant (Warriors) – 35,067MT
  • Sapphire LeBron James (Cavaliers) – 24,392 MT
  • Goran Dragic (Suns) – 24,321 MT

Top three most expensive ruby cards in terms of MT:

  • Al Hordford (Hawks) – 40,843 MT
  • Byron Scott (Lakers) –  38,563 MT

Top three most expensive player card in terms of MT:

  • Ruby Al Horford (Hawks): – 40,843 MT
  • Ruby Byron Scott (Lakers) – 38,563 MT
  • Kevin Durant (Warriors) – 35,067MT


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