Increase your revenue in MT points in NBA2K18

From offical NBA2K MyTeam TwitterYou unwrap your newest copy of NBA2K18 and decide to start the MyTeam mode in order start collecting cards and participating in the new Super-Max mode. The newest general manager on My Team, you try your hand in the Super-Max mode and keep getting obliterated by other players/general managers who have sapphire James Harden and Kevin Durant cards. Enough is enough, you decide to head to the auction house to buy top cards for your team for yourself, but then realize you’re strapped for capital and don’t have enough MT to buy the more top tier cards.  Well I’m here to give your team an injection of capital with these top tips on how to increase the revenue of MT points.

1.) Be the Jeffery Loria of MyTeam and sell all your cards you don’t need, especially your emerald players.

After the Marlins won the World Series in 2003, Jeffery Loria traded away all their goods players in a fire sale.  You need to do the same.  Now, why on Earth would you want to do that, sounds counter productive. Yes, I know this sounds counterproductive but there is a simple reason why, supply and demand.  Mr. Loria, probably the worst owner in professional sports actually did something that the Marlin fans hated but was actually business savy (in the short term nonetheless), he got rid of the players that were just coming off a World Series title.  Since these were fresh new champions their value was increased and other teams would think they could help them win a championship for themselves. Since these players were available, the supply for World Series Champions that were available were small but the demand was high so Loria was able to flip most of the players for more assets in return.

You need to have the same mindset.

NBA2K18 is not even a week old yet at the time of this post, which means there aren’t a lot of super rare out and overpowerful cards out yet other than in the current player packs. As a result, the supply is low.  So every would be general manager is trying to add cachet and willing to pay more for cards, meaning the demand is high.  When supply is low and demand is high, the value of the goods are also high, which means you get to sell your cards for a higher price.

Take for example, an emerald Klay Thompson.  This is a respectful card of a 2x championship player.  He plays for the Golden State Warriors and has a great 3 point rating.  I sold this card for 8500MT, with the income of 7650MT (2K takes a 10% cut):

Selling Klay Thompson for more capital.

Klay Thompson is great player which can probably be in the starting lineup for many My Teams out there, especially now since the game just released.  But thats not the point.  You need to put your general manager caps on and think it through, here is the logic behind the transaction:

  • With final net income coming in at 7650MT, you are now able to buy two MyLeague packs from the pack market.  Which means you have two chances to get even a better player card or Klay Thompson again which you can resell.


  • You can still get Klay Thompson again at some point while playing the My Team mode.  You can either pull him from a pack in the pack market or buy him in the auction house.  If you choose to buy him at a later date, the price for the card will likely be cheaper because the supply is likely to go up.  Again, since the game was just released, you may find 20+ Klay Thompson cards for sale one day, versus 100+ of the same card months later. If there is more supply for something, the market price will go down. Additionally, 2K is likely to release a more rarer version of Thompson which will further decrease the value of the emerald version of the card.  Also note, as more rarer cards are released, people rather pay more money for those cards instead of the more common cards, which will even decrease the value more.

Go through your collection and see any cards that you don’t need and/or think you can get a pretty penny for and sell them.  Then wait a few months and buy them back a cheaper price or you might even pull them in a pack later. Below are some cards I sold recently, all with the plan to buy them again at a later date when the market price has reduced :

Some of my MT sales, note the big sale on a second Klay Thompson card for 11.5K MT.

Paul Milsap being shipped out for cash considerations.

2.) After your liquidation sale, invest in a capable center

Yes, i know the NBA and 2K community are now shooting more threes than ever. But you have to run your team as a business and to receive more MT revenue, you need to do what the game requires of it. Sometimes in life, this would mean going against the grain. Enter the capable center.

My Shaq MT card they you recieved from pre ordering the Gold Legend version of the game.

Now I’m not telling you to go out and spend all your hard earned MT on a Shaq or Anthony Thomas card.  Instead, buy a gold Dwight Howard or something of lesser value to use. Once you have your center, utilize him as a key player in your lineup.   A center helps you generate more MT by making it easier to post up then score, block shots, rebounds and more.These actions in the game has a set MT point value and if your center is capable, it would be easier for you to execute these actions. As a result, you should be receiving about a hundred more MT a game by making them a primary part of your lineup.  Below are specific actions and their corresponding MT value:

  • Post Up +5 MT
  • Dunk Made +3 MT
  • Made shot +2 MT
  • Free throw +1 MT (in case being fouled on a dunk)
  • Blocked shot +8 MT
  • Rebound +6 MT
  • Good shot defense +3

For the sake of the argument, lets say you score a 3 point with a perimeter player and get an assist on setting him up, below would be your points on the play:

  • 3 point shot +3 MT
  • Assist +4 MT

For a total of 7 MT.  On the other hand, lets say you postup with a center then get a dunk:

  • Post up +5 MT
  • Dunk +3 MT

Thats a total of 8 MT, one more than the three pointer.  Now lets say that same center had a block on the other end and ran down the court on  a fast break.  You dished the ball inside for the jam but you missed.  The center then rebounded the ball, posted up, and jammed in ontop of the defender’s head.  That would make the whole sequence breakdown as follows:

  • Blocked shot +8 MT
  • Rebound +6 MT
  • Missed shot
  • Rebound +6 MT
  • Post up +5 MT
  • Dunk +3 MT

For a total of 28 MT.  In that whole sequence you made 21 more MT versus your assist on a 3 point shot.  Granted, a perimeter player can do all that, but its less likely for the smaller perimeter player to block a shot and grab a rebound compared to a center.  Keep utilizing your center and the MT will quickly stack up.

3.) Market “Domination” is key

In any business you have to dominate your market, NBA2K is no different.  In this case however, Domination is the actual game mode in My Team.  In this year’s Domination mode, you have three “rounds” to grind through to gain MT.  Each game you play you have a chance to gain MT through actions in the game such as assists, rebounds, and made shots. Lets say you only average 800 MT a game, at the end of the domination round, you will you will have over 26000 MT  The better you play the more MT you earn at the end of each game.  Additionally, the last three Domination games in the first “round” offer an addition 3000 MT for completing them.  Thats a sum of 9000 MT for completing all the stars.  You can easily make over 30,000 MT in total just by going through the first round of Domination.  Also keep in mind that the more bronze and cheap cards you use in Domination, the more MT you get.

4.) A penny saved, is a penny earned.  In this case MT.

Every now and then especially if you’re just starting out in the mode, one of your players are going to run out of contracts.  You will then have an option to apply contracts to a player or purchase contracts with MT points or virtual currency (VC).  Is easy to have the mindset to use your MT to purchase contracts and only use your contracts on your most valuable cards but thats a faulty financial plan.  Never use your MT to purchase contracts for your players, even if its a small amount like 60 MT.  That 60 MT can go toward your next MyLeague pack or toward one of the covet cards in the auction house.  Instead of using your MT for the contracts, either apply a contract to your card or replace your card with something else in your collection.

Yea, its a small amount to pay for the contracts, but think of it this way.  Warren Buffet didn’t make his fortune by paying for expenses that he didn’t have to.  Throughout your career as a GM in the MyLeague mode, you will get hundreds of contract cards.  You get them in Domination mode and in the card packs/boxes.  Theres no reason to purchase contracts.  Additionally, theres no reason to have your whole lineup with valuable cards.  Think of it, do you really need an emerald Hassan Whitesite coming off the bench 11 deep? Who are you trying to impress with your collection? If each game lowers your lineup by one contract, then even the cards that do not enter the game are using contracts. So if your whole lineup contains members of the Dream and Redeem Team, all their contracts are being used up even if that only play in the game for 3 minutes.You’re wasting your contracts for valuable cards that aren’t evening having a major impact on game.

Every lineup should have a few throwaway cards (cards you don’t mind losing and/or have low value) similar to real bench warmers in the NBA.  These cards are rarely used but will help balance your lineup in the contract department because lower class cards have more contracts on the attached to them, enabling the user to fillout their roster without wasting MT on buying additional contracts or using contract cards on them.  Once these lower value cards run out of contracts, instead of applying a contract to them, replace them with another  low value card in your collection  and continue the process.  After a while, most of your bronze and silver cards will all say “Out of Contracts” which is fine because if you pull a duplicate card, you can discard the one with no more contracts in favor with new card with all its contracts.

Its ok to have cards in your collection that are out of contracts

Its time to stop thinking like a normal gamer and start thinking like an actual GM of a team.  Remember, if we speak honestly, only a few professional teams are playing for the championship every year.  Even with that being true, all of them are still businesses that are aiming to be profitable at the end of the day.  Following these tips will help you with gain a positive Cash Flow for your MT while still keeping you competitive.


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